T-Rex® Ferociously Strong Tape 1.88 in. x 35 yd. Gunmetal Gray

Super-tough, premium co-extruded cloth tape for all-weather use on rough surfaces, for heavy duty repairs, and can also be used as a bottom board tape in the manufactured housing industry. A "monster" of a tape, T-Rex® / PC 745 combines a waterproof, reinforced backing with twice the adhesive to deliver a ferociously strong tape with unrivaled staying power.

Features & Benefits

  • For indoor/outdoor use
  • Made with UV resistant materials that block harsh UV rays from weakening the tape adhesive
  • Can be used on brick, concrete, shingles, painted and non-painted wood, and vinyl siding
  • Made with heavy-duty knit cloth for long-lasting repairs or applications
  • Premium adhesive and high tensile construction



  • Backing: Poly/Cloth
  • Adhesive: N/A
  • Liner: N/A

Properties & Technical Data

Property Target Metric
Adhesion to Stainless Steel 100 oz/in width 10.95 N/10 mm
Application Temperature Range 32°F - 200°F 0°C - 93°C
Elongation 10% 10%
Tensile 52 lbs/in width 91.1 N/10mm
Thickness 17.0 mils 0.43 mm