CP 107

Industrial grade, medium-high adhesion masking tape for non-critical painting and industrial applications that demand good adhesion, quick stick and clean removal. CP 107 is designed with a synthetic rubber adhesive; conforms to a variety of surfaces, including vinyl, glass, plastic and rubber, without tearing or lifting; and can be used in temperatures up to 150 F.

Features & Benefits

  • Industrial grade crepe paper Shurtape® brand masking tape
  • Medium-high adhesion
  • Easy to unwind
  • Conformable without tearing or lifting
  • Residue-free removal



  • Backing: Crepe paper
  • Adhesive: Synthetic rubber-based adhesive
  • Liner: NA

Properties & Technical Data

Property Target Metric
Adhesion to Stainless Steel 30 oz/in width 3.28 N/10 mm
Application Temperature Range 50° F - 150° F 10°C - 66°C
Elongation 9% 9%
Tensile 18 lbs/in width 31.5 N/10 mm
Thickness 4.8 mils 0.12 mm