Tape Fundamentals Every Paint Pro Needs to Know

CF 33

Premium painter’s tape for applications that demand a low-tack tape.

CP 107

Industrial grade medium-high adhesion masking tape.

CP 27®

Premium grade medium adhesion painter’s tape for indoor and outdoor use.

CP 66®

Contractor grade high adhesion masking tape for quick stick and conformability.

FrogTape® Delicate Surface

Premium grade 60-day clean removal painter’s tape with PaintBlock® Technology.

FrogTape® Multi-Surface

Premium grade 21-day clean removal painter’s tape with PaintBlock® Technology.

FrogTape® Pro Grade Orange™ Painter's Tape

Paint masking tape that offers high adhesion and 3-day clean removal for production paint jobs.

FrogTape® Pro Grade Painter's Tape

Premium grade 14-day clean removal painter’s tape multi-pack with PaintBlock® Technology.

Painter’s Mate Green®

Unique UV resistant premium paper masking tape for a variety of surfaces.

Painter’s Mate Ultra® Painter's Tape

Premium adhesive formulated with PaintSync Technology® for better adhesion.

Painter’s Mate® Double-Sided Poly-Hanging Tape

Two-tapes-in-one solution for hanging poly-sheeting quickly and easily.

PC 667 Specialty Grade, Outdoor Stucco Duct Tape

Specialty UV-resistant cloth duct tape for protective masking on stucco jobs.

PE 444 UV-Resistant Stucco Masking Tape

UV-resistant poly stucco masking tape for outdoor use.

RT 700/T-REX® Clear Repair Tape

All-weather UV resistant clear tape with extreme adhesion.

T-REX Waterproof Tape

Works underwater and provides waterproof adhesion on rough and dirty surfaces.

T-Rex® Brute Force® The Strongest Duct Tape

Built with Forge-Link Technology™, this is the strongest duct tape on the market.

T-Rex® Ferociously Strong Tape 1.88 in. x 35 yd. Gunmetal Gray

Premium double-thick adhesive, waterproof backing with high tensile cloth.

T-Rex®Extreme Tread Tape 2 in. x 8 in. 3-Pack

Industrial quality tread tape for improved traction on ladders, steps and walkways.